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In Memorium
Randall Bart passed away August 15, 2017 after a long illness.
He was 61 and went way to early.
Randall was a wonderful, kind, extremely intelligent man
whom I admired greatly.  He will be missed by many.

Conference Reports:
Mystic 2007
We had a great  time in Mystic this year although the weather wasn't very cooperative - it was rainy, cold and damp but what can you expect in an El Nino year?  There were over 30 people there in all.  Thursday night we had the Get Acquainted at the Pizza Grille.  Friday and Saturday, we went to the Aquarium, Foxwoods Casino, visited downtown "Old Mystik" for shopping (Joy found a mermaid shop!) and lunch, and had lobster for dinner at Abbotts.  We didn't get to do any sailing due to weather.  Our late evenings were spent playing Battle of the Sexes - a fun competition between guys and gals answering trivia questions (there was a rascal in our midst who made up a question and didn't get caught!  But we are watching him now!)  Chrisie from Hong Kong was there and it was wonderful getting to know her.  Ally didn't get her visa in time. A reporter and videographer were there from ChumTV in Canada to interview us about the conferences and amputees and admirers.  The documentary will air in Canada soon and I should get a copy of it for us to see.  All in all it was a great weekend!  Below are some photos:

Halloween in Las Vegas! 
Conference Report: 
We are here in Vegas having a blast!  There are about 25 people here so far...  We went to see Hoover Dam today; dinner tonight was The Hilton buffet or Sushi and gambling.  Tomorrow is breakfast at the hotel buffet, then some shopping for those last minute halloween costume necessities, and The Fremont Street Adventure in all our glory!  We still have to get to the Bellagio Fountains Light Show, the Venetian, and Mandalay Bay...  Here are a few of the pictures...more in the ASCOT-World Yahoo Group Photos - see LV2006 folder.

Connecticut Conference 55" Video
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Connecticut 2006:
Hello Everybody,

The Connecticut meeting is coming to a close. I am in the lobby waiting to give a hand to participants leaving for the airport and home. Since I drove down here with my minivan and being the handy kind of guy, I am helping out with transportation. It also gives me the opportunity to say final goodbyes to the many new friends I've made here.

We all met Thursday evening, 9 ladies and 12 men, in Jama's suite to get acquainted. Jama (and her helpers, Linda, Jerry and more of the guys) had prepared sandwiches, potato salad, chips and dips, fresh fruit, homemade cookies and brownies, and more, and people got the chance to become familiar with each other. This was above all a social and friendly gathering, so we had to break the ice somehow.  Then we adjourned to the meeting room where Margaret and Judy had planned a surprise wedding reception for Jama and Scott who got married last Fall. 

We went to Mystic, CT on Friday.  The Mystic Seaport Museum is a historical reproduction of a turn-of-the-century whaling community, and has many displays and interpretation centers. There were many old fishing and whaling ships upon which it was possible to board and visit. One of these boats is reputedly haunted!  I haven't met or seen the resident ghost, but I found it very interresting to see how these old tall ships operated and how mariners lived a century ago.  For dinner, we went to Abbott's Lobster in the Rough and most of us had whole lobsters as you can see by our bibs!

Yesterday, I went out for an afternoon cruise on Scott and Jama's sailboat. She's a 28' sloop, and although we didn't go very far, I think I'm hooked onto a new little passion.  I've been invited to have some private sailing lessons here, and you can be sure I'll take Scott up on his generous offer soon. 

It was a fantastic experience for me, and I'm looking forward to being at future meetings. Meanwhile, there's the Monteal meeting this fall to start planning for...

See y'all


San Diego!
October 28-31, 2004

    We had a great time!  Friday we went to the San Diego Zoo and wore ourselves out  walking/rolling all over the place (some of you bums took the bus tour after we got separated!) then Friday night we ordered pizza and ate by the pool/hottub. 
    Saturday we rode the trolley from Old Town to the Harbor and went on a 2 hour cruise of the harbor, then back to Old Town for some shopping and great Mexican food, some of us in our Halloween costumes.  Tatiana Freedman wore the best costume I have ever seen (see the picture below).  
    Sunday some left early and the rest of us goofed off while  those with energy went to Seaworld.  Then we went to dinner at Ricky's (not recommended - a long 2 blocks away, no ramp and the food wasn't special). 
    Monday, a few of us went to the Maritime Museum and checked out
the Victorian era ferry Berkeley built in 1898, and the Star of India (where Captain and Commander with Russell Crowe was filmed).  I went down the stairs into the lower decks (with a little help of course) and got to see the Captain's cabin...Very interesting!


Las Vegas
Halloween 2003

We had 10 ladies and 10 guys, plus a couple of guys who were there for an evening,
plus some
friends of 2 of the ladies who joined us for dinners and some activities.  So there were about 25 in all, but I think all 25 were together at only one time for dinner on Halloween night.
We went to the Casinos (of course) but casino time was more or less on one's own or after an evening's activities. We ate at the hotel mostly - there was a cafe and a buffet for 3 meals a day, but we did get out for dinners elsewhere a few times. On Friday night we all dressed up in our costumes and went to the Fremont Street Experience (light shows and lots of things to see, plus shops, restaurants and bars) for Hallowe'en and it was a hoot!  Everyone there was dressed up too and the costumes were great!

I think we should do Halloween there every other year!

Then on Saturday, we went to the Strip to see some of the new hotels and casinos and displays there. Some saw the Bellagio Fountains - a water and light show that was
breathtaking.  The group I was with went to the Monte Carlo and the Venetia - a
hotel with gondola rides indoors and outdoors, painted ceiling reminiscent of the Sistine Chapel and then we went to New York New York and to the Nine Irish Gentlemen's Irish Bar, which was wonderful - Irish songs, and dancing, and the bar patrons often danced up in the front with the performers. When they saw our wheelchairs, the crowd was parted and we were escorted right up to the front which was very nice since it was very crowded.

We had dinners of sandwiches and chips, etc in my room a couple of nights to save on eating out every meal. A few arrived on Wednesday, and most everyone stayed until Monday, so it was an extended weekend. But everyone had a great time.

I know I did!

New Orleans
March 2003

We had a blast as you can see here!  There were 6 ladies and 6 guys in attendance and
one more lady, Kelly, who came for one day on Friday, who we hope to see again soon!

Orlando, Florida
Spring 2002
Orlando was great!  The weather was beautiful! 
Some of us went to Epcot Center,
Seaworld, and of course we went shopping and ate out! 
People started arriving
Wednesday evening, I drove and didn't get there until late Thursday evening,
but Lorry was there keeping everything under control until I got there...
Thanks Lorry!

June 2002
We had a great time in Reno, stayed at Circus-Circus Hotel and Casino,
but for the LasVegas conference, I think I will choose a smaller hotel.
If not for cell phones we would never have managed
to keep the group somewhat together.
Here is a picture of some of the group at the Jazz Festival...

Galveston, Texas
Fall 2002We thought we were going to be rained out, but we all managed to float our way down there and had a great time!  The rain even managed to let up enough for us to enjoy our outings the Johnson Space Center, the Oil Drilling Rig Museum, The Strand (historic downtown Galveston), and Moody Gardens.  Some of us even made it to the Kemah Boardwalk for dinner Friday night at Joe's Crab Shack, as planned, and the rest of us ate at Joe's Crab Shack in Galveston!  So I guess you could say we all had dinner at the 'same' place, if not together!   Seems like we ate seafood every night, but "when in Rome...".Then at night,we hung out on the "veranda" every night until the wee hours to talk and get to know each other.  Everyone had a great time and promised to come back next time, so those of you who weren't there, try to make it to New Orleans in the spring or fall of 2004!

San Jose 2001 Conference

  Group photo ASCOT San Jose 2000

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